Saturday, November 15, 2008

Android's Reboot Problem

Google's Android platform may take things too literally: Users of T-Mobile's new Android-based G1 phone have discovered that if they type the word "reboot" into a text message or email, the phone will take it as a command and automatically reboot.
The problem arose because Android sends all text entered into the device directly to the operating system, with super-user priviliges. That's a major security flaw, and both users and the company are lucky it was discovered before someone could maliciously exploit it. Google is aware of the bug and already pushing out a fix according to CNET's Steven Shankland.
But let this be a reminder to early adopters everywhere. When a company puts out the first product of a new product line, there are always potential hazards. When the new product line is also an entirely new line of business for the company, you really need to be careful.