Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cookies For Your Cellphone

Cookies -- Heard about it. Nahh! This is not a crisp baked cake that you're thinking. You might be wondering why there is a cookie on the cellphone? Same as a cake inside the refrigerator. lolz! A cookies are computer file containing user information: a computer file containing information about a user that is sent to the central computer with each request. The server uses this information to customize data sent back to the user and to log the user's requests. Hungry of cookies! Beware!
Soon your phone might share a lot of information about you with advertisers. And although that might make you nervous, some advertisers hope it will also unleash a flood of more targeted, and thus more useful, ads.
This week, Ringleader Digital, a New York-based mobile ad network is launching an experimental version of what it calls a "media stamp"--a technology it hopes will become as widespread as "cookies" on the Web.
Cookies are one of the behind-the-scenes keys to unlocking the value of digital advertising. Though they are little more than small software files that Web page servers attach to users' computers to identify them, they are nearly ubiquitous and enable advertisers to track users wherever they travel on the Web.
Wireless carriers typically prevent outside firms from embedding such information in mobile devices. "The carriers strip off third-party cookies," says Bob Walczak, chief executive of Ringleader Digital. To get around the carriers, Ringleader Digital embeds its digital stamp in servers rather than browsers.