Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Google Declares Election (Search) Winners

BURLINGAME, CALIF. - Barack Obama may have pulled ahead in the popular vote for the U.S. presidency Tuesday evening. But on the Internet, the Black Panthers, The Drudge Report, Ben & Jerry's, Sean Hannity and--of course-- Barack Obama jokes were the early winners according to Google.
You've gotta love Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ). A quick peek at Google's "hot trends" link is better than exit polls for giving a sense of what's on the minds of most Americans on Tuesday evening as polling stations across the U.S. begin to wind down.
"Who's winning the election" is among the top queries tapped into the omniscient Google. For reasons that only the man behind the curtain at the Googleplex could possibly know, that question pops you over to the site Not surprisingly, it has no answer but simply leads you to more links.
Many people phrased the question this way: "Who's winning Obama or McCain?" Those folks, too, are ending up at DigitalAlchemy.