Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Digital Handycam

Nowadays, there are plenty of products and technologies. Sony evolves into more interesting stuffs from electric rice cooker, first magnetic recorder, first transistor radio, Trinitron colour TV, Walkman personal stereo, Handycam videocamera, Playstation, Blu-ray Disc recorder to Playstation 3.

Furthermore, three (3) years ago my sister bought me a Sony handycam because I love photography. She surprised me with this stuff. I could not believe she had an expensive birthday present for me. I am very blessed having a sister like her whose been working abroad. She can buy precious gifts for her brother. hehehe

On the other hand, I considered my Sony digital handycam as one of the best gadget of Sony products. I’m using this stuff for 3 years and still keep on working. My Sony handycam is my bread and butter. Somehow, it gives me some ways of gaining more friends. For every successful shot comes a humble smile. Although, those videos I made were just part of my hobbies as a novice “videographer”, it keeps on reminding me to become more enthusiastic and progressive. I am learning more with this product, thus, giving me extra miles to pursue my dedication. Nice right? Good job to my Sony handycam.

Moreover, my handycam taught me how to embrace and value the unforgettable moments of my life. I would simply say that Sony technology help change our lives for the better. By the way, the soundtrack I made as background to my entry, entitled "Hands Down" says that Sony is a technology that we should praise for making our lives easier like no other.

Those clips you have seen were taken by me. I am neither a professional photographer nor a video editor. I just love photo editing and doing some motion cuts. Eventually, learning is a power of fulfilling our dreams comes true. Well, the 18th birthday of my friend was taken by my Sony handycam. I captured and edited those happy moments they had on her birthday, yet all of the captured events were all precious. I am glad being part of my friend’s party as a cameraman. hehehe. I made them all happy because of the movie I did for them. Thanks to my Sony handycam. The priceless moments will never be vanished.
Consequently, a friend of mine asked me to record some clips of their friends from New York. I refused his request because I was not ready to take a shot. He said it would be okay, the important is that they will have something to bring and remember when they go back home. Then, I recorded some clips of the boy named Kesnel. As you can see on the video clips, the boy is holding some roosters and taking photos to some pigs. Kesnel, a boy from New York had much fun of those animals he saw and touched. I could not imagine how much he liked animals. Anyway, animals like live pigs and roosters are rare to them. Hence, if I have a chance to be in the US, I would love and appreciate also seeing wild animals in Bronx Zoo, New York such as bears and lions. I rarely see said animals here except if you will pay for an entrance fee in the zoo. New York? Huhh! How I wish I could go there with them, not with the animals. lolz.

Nevertheless, if you want to treasure valuable moments together with your family, do not forget to bring along with your Sony digital camera or a handycam. Otherwise, you will be missing half of your life. My Sony Handycam experience definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam, another amazing gadget which will help me capture more precious moments for my friends, relatives and love ones.